How Do I…?

Have you ever found yourself in Rice Library or on the library’s web page wondering “How do I…?” or “Where are…?” one thing or another?   A newly-revised link on our web site may be just what you need.  From the menu across the top of the Rice Library web page, select “How Do I…?” This takes you to a page with the most frequently-asked “How Do I…?” and “Where are…?” questions.  Click on any of the five main headings to populate a dropdown list of questions below. 
Once you find your particular question, click on it to be taken to the page with your answer.  Here you will find answers to a variety of common questions, including:
  • how to check out a book
  • where to find images
  • how to renew your materials and manage your Rice Library account
  • how to access databases from off-campus
  • where other computer labs are around campus
  • plus much more. 
We encourage all Rice Library patrons to view this site as it may just have the answer(s) to your question(s).  Of course, the Reference Team is always more than willing to help you as well – in person, via email, or over the telephone…
  • Reference Desk hours:
    • M-Th.: 9am-9pm;
    • Fri.: 9am-5pm
    • Sat.:11am-4pm
    • Sun.: 1pm-8pm.
  • Reference Desk telephone: (812) 464-1907
  • Reference Desk email: – or click here to access our online Request Reference Assistance form (also available on the Rice Library home page). 
We want to leave “no question” as to our desire to help with all of your inquiries. / bnr
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