Inspect Your Gadgets

Rice Library invites you to take a random quiz…

1. What is the definition of the word innocuous?
2. What is Dr. Seuss’s real name?
3. What do the Pyramids of Giza look like?
4. I am taking a trip to New Orleans. How exactly do you pronounce Pontchartrain?
5. This week’s crossword puzzle has the clue “Great sled dog race.” I have the following letters… I?i??ro? (What is the name of this race that’s right on the tip of my tongue?)
6. Who famed the quote, “The buck stops here?”
7. What is the history behind Halloween
8. How many furlongs are in a mile?
9. Where can you go to find answers to each of these random quiz questions?

Answer to Question 9: Credo Reference “Gadgets” link.

This is just one more reason to love Credo Reference. This online reference source is an aggregate for hundreds of electronic books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, image searches, audio files, and much more. To find quick and easy answers to random questions like those above, Credo Reference’s “Gadgets” link is your perfect ready-reference information source.

To find Credo Reference and the “Gadgets” link:
→Go the Rice Library Catalog page
  →Click on the Databases link
    →Click on the A-Z List link and select Credo Reference
      →The “Gadgets” link is sixth across the top of the page

The “gadgets” in this link include:
1. Definitions window
2. Person search
3. Images search
4. Pronunciation help
5. Crossword Solver
6. Quotation search
7. Holidays and Festivals finder
8. Conversion tool

Here you will find everything a growing trivia buff needs to:
• ace a test
• finish that crossword puzzle
• impress all with clear pronunciations, broad vocabulary, and quoting ability
• wow colleagues with stunning visual aids to punctuate your presentation

Please leave your answers to our random quiz by replying to this blog. We will post the answers to questions 1-8 on Thursday, October 14th. Thanks for playing!

For even more trivia fun, courtesy of Credo Reference, sign up for the Weekly Brainteaser at the following link:


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