Study Break

As students (and faculty) move further into the thick of semester finals, the need for study breaks is greater than ever. You have worked extra hard this entire semester, especially these last few weeks. Take some time to relax, recharge, and to celebrate a job well done with a well-deserved study break!

Be sure to visit the Rice Library information wall, located just around the corner from the Checkout desk. Here you will find an assortment of reader’s guides and DVD lists to help you find that perfect “brain needs rest” escape.

The reader’s guide lists include:

• Adventure and Humor Fiction

• History and Biography Fiction

• Mystery and Suspense Fiction

• Science Fiction and Horror Fiction

• Autobiographies and Memoirs

• Recommended Titles from Rice Library Staff

• Diversity Fiction

• Religious and Cross-Cultural

• Audio Books

If it is a DVD you desire, check out our guides for:

• Weekend Entertainment

• AFI Top 100 Movies

• Movies “Based on the Book”

• Movies and music CD’s already set out for the quick “grab and go.”

Once you find a title to your liking, find all of the audio books, DVD’s, CD’s, and paperbacks on the first floor of Rice Library. Most fiction books will be located on the fourth floor; the reader’s guides will provide the call number for each item.

The Rice Library Information Wall also includes all of the following; Please feel free to help yourself:

• library/campus maps and information

• research guides and how-to’s

• citation “cheat sheets” for APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian

• career guides and resource lists.

The Rice Library Reference Team would like to wish all of our students our sincerest best wishes as you wrap up the fall semester, and a very Happy Holiday to all Rice Library patrons!


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