Still Going Green

In April, the LTL Blog informed readers about six new electronic books from the Sage Reference Series on Green Society (see post for 4/18/11). These titles were:

     Green Business: An A-Z Guide
     Green Cities: An A-Z Guide
     Green Consumerism: An A-Z Guide
     Green Energy: An A-Z Guide
     Green Food: An A-Z Guide
     Green Politics: An A-Z Guide

Today the Blog announces the addition of six more electronic titles in this series:
     Green Culture: An A-Z Guide
     Green Education: An A-Z Guide
     Green Ethics and Philosophy: An A-Z Guide
     Green Health: An A-Z Guide
     Green Issues and Debates: An A-Z Guide
     Green Technology: An A-Z Guide

The Green Society series attempts to explore all aspects of environmentalism, and the fact that these resources are available 24/7 is a real plus to student and faculty researchers. Each title contains approximately 150 articles, photographs, numerous cross references to entries both within a specific volume and across the volumes in the series, and many lists of additional references.

For other resources related to environmentalism, be sure to check out the following LibGuides:
     Environmental Science
     Green Guide
     Global Warming and Climate Change
     Oil Spills
     Energy and Alternative Energy


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