Insatiable APPetite

Apple celebrated a major milestone this week. 25 billion apps have been download to iPhones, iPads, and iPods from their App Store. Chinli Fu of China was the lucky 25 billionth downloader and received a $10,000 App Store gift card.

While we’re on the subject of apps , we thought we’d suggest a few that might help you with your studies at USI.

Evernote is  a great tool for note taking and project management. The best part is that whether you use Evernote on your phone, the web, or on your computer- it’s all synced. You can share notes with friends and even capture screenshots of entire webpages.

Forget flash drives, say hello to The Cloud. Dropbox allows users to save all types of files to their cloud-based servers. You can also share documents with friends and classmates. No more emailing different versions back and forth with groupmates-all documents saved on Dropbox sync automatically. 

EasyBib makes creating those pesky citations virtually painless. Whether you’re using MLA, APA, or Turabian, EasyBib has you covered. Create book citations on the go by simply scanning the book’s barcode. Save all your citations and export them to Google Docs or Word.
All of these apps are available for free! Check your platform’s app store for details.
Nicole Tekulve
Instructional Services Librarian
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