Award-Winning Database Arrives at Rice Library

Voted “Best in Media” by Library Journal’s Best Databases of 2011, McGraw-Hill’s AccessScience® is a fully re-designed database providing a powerful platform to search a vast array of science and technology-related topics.  Searches generate instant, well-organized results, categorized as encyclopedia articles, research updates, multimedia, news feeds, biographies, a Q&A session, and precise dictionary definitions. 
The content available to users is derived from the latest and most updated versions of the following resources:
  • McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, 10th Edition
  • McGraw-Hill Yearbooks of Science & Technology
  • McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms
  • Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography®
  • Headline news from ScienceNews® magazine and ScienCentral® videos
  • Questions answered during regular Q&A sessions
In addition to the content above, AccessScience® multimedia offerings include more than 15,000 illustrations, graphics, images, animations, videos, and podcasts – all fully searchable and regularly updated.
Users can employ a variety of flexible search options, or can browse by specific area of interest to locate resources on the more than 7,000 scientific topics. Students will enjoy the links to data and tables directly from topic pages as well as the printing, emailing and citation-building help.  To enhance their class lectures, instructors may download high-quality images or use the Study Center, which provides useful tools and resources including study guides and essay topics. 
Readers may wish to watch the AccessScience® site demo; an interactive tutorial highlighting many of the database’s search capabilities and useful features.  AccessScience® is accessible from Rice Library’s Databases A TO Z list, several subject discipline lists, and numerous subject-specific LibGuides.  One limitation to its use is that Rice Library’s licensing allows only two simultaneous users; please try again if not successful on the first try.
For questions about AccessScience® or any of the resources provided to you by Rice Library, please contact a Reference Librarian

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