The Life, Times, and Library Blog of Clare

Hi there, library public! Interested in learning more about what USI’s library can do for you? Want to find new books and movies to enjoy right in your very own backyard (quad)? Did you just randomly stumble upon this page looking for Blackboard again? Well either way, you’re here now, so welcome! My name is Clare Pratt and I am the new Rice Library Blogger! I’ll be using this blog to tell you all about what’s going on in the library, all the things offered here, and more or less whatever pops into my mind that I can somehow make relevant to the library. But first, let me tell you a little bit about me!  I am a (super) senior from Greensburg, Indiana. I am an English major with an emphasis in rhetoric and composition, and I love reading. A lot.  It tends to come up in conversation if you hang out with me for a while.  I also love movies, music, TV, internet comics, pretty much anything. But to make a long profile short, here are a few quick facts about me:

    1.       I partially run on coffee
    2.       I spend way too much time on Pinterest these days
    3.       My favorite stress relievers are tennis, Mumford and Sons, and videos of cats on the internet
    4.     If you tell me you hate movies that are in black and white, be warned: I will waste a ton of your time listing movies that I am sure will change your mind
    5.       I love mint chocolate ice cream. Nothing else really. I just really like mint chocolate ice cream. Thought you might want to know.
Well that’s me, more or less. But what am I actually doing here? Well, the library has recently created a brand new job in which a student writer is a major contributor to the library blog. I will share information about what’s going on in the library, and about how recent events, whether they be local, national, or global, can be tied back to resources we have here in the library. We will look at books, movies, music, services, library programs, digital collections from University Archives, and basically anything else that will increase my word count. I have a lot of ideas for using this blog to interest you in the library, so I hope you like reading it as much as I’ll like writing it.  Feel free to make comments or suggestions if you think of something you might be interested in!   

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