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Continued Coverage of Holiday Reading Cheer!

So, it’s still the holiday season, and guess what? More holidays! More traditions! More awkward small talk with your extended family you  only see once a year! Today, we discuss a number of classic holidays, from religious to cultural to … Continue reading

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Christmas Time Reading

It’s Holiday season! Gifts, decorating, family, friends, music- it’s a great time of year! And what better way to celebrate than at the library! There are lots of things right here full of stories, information, and history of just about … Continue reading

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Temporarily turn off your left brain and turn on your right

   Looking for a way to unwind a little before finals? Tired of my constant blog posts that are turning quickly into a metaphor about my increasingly stressful schedule?  Well, the library can help! Again! Starting today, Thursday, the library … Continue reading

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A Continued Guide to Fighting Finals

So I don’t know if I have mentioned this yet, but it’s finals season. Finals season is not very pleasent. I have already written two blogs here about ways to make this week and a half just a little less … Continue reading

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