New Year, New Computers

Anyone notice anything different about the library now that we`re back from break? That’s right, new computers! New shiny computers with big screens, and a faster internet speed! But what is really so different between our old computers and the new? Well let’s find out! Starting with the technical stuff…

These new computers have a 3.10 GHz memory, and a DVDET read and write drive. What’s really cool is that you can now charge your phone on the computer, and you don’t have to find a corner with a charger to do it! Just remember to bring your charger cord, and you are good to go! The internet has also improved, moving faster than the earlier computers(shown to the right), which only had (let’s be honest), slow internet, basic USB ports, and 17 inch screens. Our new computers have a 23 inch screen, a faster internet connection, and more advanced USB ports, which allow you to charge your phone, camera, or other such things.

So what does that mean for the students? Well, it means that the library listens when students ask for change. Over the last few years, several students have complained that our old computers were outdated, had small screens, and very slow internet. The library listened, and now we have these new ones! They’re an example of the great support the library receives from our friends at Information Technology. They are newer, more convenient, and while they won’t totally revolutionize the lives of students here, I think they will make things a little more pleasant. So what’s the message here? If you have a problem with something in the library, just say something, and hopefully we can all work together to make the library better for everyone! Talk to someone at the reference desk, or maybe send an email; I hear the internet is really quick here these days! Oh, and one more thing. Don’t forget to name and save everything if you leave your computer to get a drink or tell the guy who is STILL blasting Nickelback on his headphones to turn it down, because the computers will still log you off if there is no activity for a while. Some things never change.


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