Just the Facts Ma’am

Have you ever wanted to learn more facts about the University of Southern Indiana? There is an easy way to do that using USI’s Fact Book.  The 2012 edition of this important compendium was just released earlier this month and it is easily accessible from Rice Library’s home page.

Using this resource, you can look up all sorts of interesting details about USI, such as the number of students, number of faculty, and the number of degrees being offered. However, it also contains other important information like the university’s strategic plan, a summation of the school’s goals for the next few years. Feel like taking a little pride in USI? There is also a list of major USI accomplishments, such as The College of Nursing and Health Professions being awarded over $3.3 million in local, state, and national grants and the groundbreaking for USI’s new Teaching Theatre. There are also lists of university accreditations, lists of athletic achievements, and lists of majors and minors available to students.  Just lots of lists.

But it’s not just lists about general university things.  The Fact Book also includes detailed information about each of its colleges (Business; Liberal Arts; Nursing and Health Professions; Outreach and Engagement; and Science, Engineering, and Education) for anyone interested. It’s a great place to go for information about the university and its students, faculty, and the many programs and services it offers.

To find the USI Fact Book, just go to Rice Library’s home page, mouse over the word “E-Resources” in the masthead menu, and click on “USI Fact Book” in the drop down menu that appears. Previous editions of the Fact Book going back to 2007 are also available on this page, allowing you to compare the university then to now. Check it out, and check out the facts.  


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