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For Science!

Science has done A LOT of great things for us. We’ve gone to outer space, we’ve found cures for various deadly diseases, we can take pictures of the bottom of the ocean from satellites in space, and we can watch … Continue reading

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Journey into ARTstor

You can find the strangest things on the USI library’s website. It’s like its own mini museum, without the overpriced gift shop. And if you look into one corner, you can click on the library’s own access to  lots of … Continue reading

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Americana Part 2: On the Road Again

                                           The People Who Stayed Having left the northern and western parts of our country, I’ve arrived down south. Now, I really hope I don’t have to tell you that Europeans were not the first people in this country. And that … Continue reading

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Blogging down Route 66:The Road to Americana Part 1

When you think of uniquely American culture, what comes to mind? The American Melting Pot? Bald Eagles? Tailgating, cheap beer and football? Put all those together, and you get Americana- which is basically defined as artifacts related to the history, … Continue reading

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Masques, Sea Shanties, and the American Poets

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘poetry’? Moon-June rhyming things? Things you had to read in high school? Personally, I love poetry. It can be funny, romantic, interesting, or profound. It can help you understand times … Continue reading

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