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Dirt, Scandal and Biography: The TMZ of Library Science

Our society just loves talking about other people. Especially famous people. Every day as I drive around, I find myself twirling the radio dials only to find countless celebrity gossip reports. I flip around TV, and pass by TMZ and its … Continue reading

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Brave New Virtual World

The internet seems to have saturated our days and our lives….you can’t go anywhere without checking in on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, or some other online thing, with Wi-Fi and internet connections everywhere. You can probably find Tweets from deep space at … Continue reading

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Digital Public Library of America: Where the Sources Are!

Ever been working on a paper and you just can’t find a good history primary source? Library closed, and paper is due in a few hours? Don’t worry, there is a backup plan! Recently, various library leaders across the country came together … Continue reading

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Fighting Finals with Films 2: The Big Chill

Feeling the end of year stress yet? Papers to write, books to read, projects that you knew about for months but are just now getting starting on?  It’s a busy time of year, tough on everyone, and it can feel like there’s … Continue reading

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Scavenger Hunts, Road Tripping, and Zombie Fighting: Money Management for College Students

You know what really sucks about trying to be a grown up? Money. Making money, keeping money, and trying to be smart about your money management. Personally, that’s one of the things that I had trouble with when I first … Continue reading

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