Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

Since the previous blog got me into a bit of a photography mood, I continued looking for more great pictures. And more than that, I wanted to go beyond the USA, and see what the rest of the world had to offer! Turns out, the rest of the world offers a whole lot in the way of amazing pictures of amazing places. I have always loved traveling, and if I happened to trip and fall over a giant sack of money, I would use it for travel (or a pony) to see all the natural wonders of the world. But, until that giant bag of money pops up, I will have to settle for looking at these books filled with pictures of amazing places that I might get to actually see in person one day! Or I can just wander around Burdette Park and imagine I am in the French countryside. I’m an English major, using imagination is kinda what we do.

                                                         Landscapes Without Memory  by Joan Fontcuberta

This is a book combining two great things in one: mountains and paintings. It describes various mountain landscapes that have also appeared in photographs and paintings, and compares them. And holy cow, these are the real deal and great looking. There’s a huge assortment of pictures, ranging from multicolored desert mountains to snowy peaks in the Himalayas; it’s just amazing. It makes you want to travel to these remote locations faster than you can find a passport and the sketchy pilot to take you there. The paintings are sometimes of the actual mountains, and sometimes of something that just captures the mood of the place. Either way, the pictures look amazing, like nature decided that it wanted to really go all out when creating these landscapes. The book is like flying around all these amazing places in a plane, then flying through an art gallery. None of the photos or paintings of these places have people or buildings. They simply show nature at its finest, next to art at its best. What’s not to like?

                          Through the Lens
This book’s material moves way beyond landscapes, using pictures of people and cities as well as landscapes. While I’ve been focusing mostly on landscape and the majesty of nature, I like this book so much I had to include it. After all, when you’re traveling, you’re not just looking at steep mountains and colored deserts, you’re also exploring cities and towns, meeting people, and having experiences. And this book feels like a series of experiences. Each chapter is broken into sections based on continent or area, with pictures of huge events like revolutions or national celebrations, as well as pictures of dancing and just sitting. It’s a collection from National Geographic, so it has pictures from as early as the 1920s, as well as recent ones, and they are all beautifully shot and presented. Photos of people and places show both the strange and the mundane, making both beautiful. If you like pictures or love travel, check this out. It’s full of great pictures of the earth, but also of the people who inhabit it.

                                              Wide Angle: National Geographic Greatest Places 

Want to see even more pictures? More places? This book is filled to the brim with both! Open up any page and see pictures of life from all over the world. Like the previous books, it focuses on landscapes, like sweeping shots of the deserts of Saudi Arabia, to multicolored gardens in the Netherlands, to cave paintings in Australia and dancers in Morocco. Does it make me want to travel to see these place? Oh, yes it does. Books like these remind us just how amazing the world is, and why we should try to see more of it.

If you want to see exciting places, but don’t exactly have the budget, thumb through any of these titles or others like them! Just look at the pictures, and it’s easy to imagine yourself standing right there. Want to see everyday life shown in an artistic way, that’s just as interesting as foreign locations and giant peaks and mountains? Then just lift your eyes from your smart device, and look around you.


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