Happy Library Week to All, and to All a Good Read!

Happy National Library Week! The best of all the library related weeks, NLW is celebrated all across the country, and Rice Library is no exception. Started in 1958, this week was created because the American Library Association feared that people were losing interest in books (and this was WAY before the internet) and losing interest in libraries. So they created this week to celebrate books, libraries, and the people that work there! So join us to celebrate National Library Week, and see what libraries are doing for us all!  The 2013 theme, Communities Matter @ your library, invites campus, school, and business communities to discover libraries as a hub for engaging in creative conversations about the community’s needs. Take this special week to show that your library is so much more than a repository of resources—that it’s the place for discussion that can enrich, shape, and transform your community.

First up, get in on the photo scavenger hunt! Grab some friends and locate pictured items from all around the library, to win a library grab bag and a $25 Starbucks gift card! Sound like fun? Of course it is, you’re being encouraged to play in the library instead of doing homework! Wins for everyone! Check out the Spotlightfeature on the library’s website to find out how to get started!

Need a new Profile Pic for Facebook? Take a photo with your favorite book in the library’s photo booth, which will be set up between April 10th – 17th. Then upload it to libcirc@usi.edu. Bring in your favorite book and contribute to the library’s collage of readers on the Information Wall!

Now, you might be thinking, “Gee, the library does so much for me, I sure do wish I could do something for them in return!”  Well never fear students, the library’s website is here! All week long, a user survey will be offered, that will allow students to tell librarians what they are doing well, and what can be improved on. So take a few minutes to take the survey on the library’s homepage; the link is in red font, and ask not what your library can do for you, but what you can do for your library (just this once!)


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