Summer Time Reading List

Welcome to summer time! Barbeques, beaches, and lots of reading by the pool! But what to read? Well, as I near my final few days of school, I feel like it’s my job, no, my duty, to leave you with a few summer-themed books and stories. As much fun as summer is, and no matter how busy you might get, it’s always important to take some time to read. So try out a few  of our enjoyable titles, for some summer-themed fun in the sun, be it on a beach, by the pool, on your work break, or just on your back porch.
                                        Summer at Tiffany  by Marjorie Hart
What was the best summer you’ve ever had? Have you ever had a summer job? This book is the true story of two women’s best summer ever, and one of the coolest jobs ever: working at Tiffany & Company in New York City in 1945. Our heroine, Marjorie Hart, and her best friend Marty leave their sorority house at the University of Iowa to travel to the big city, after hearing from a friend that there are great jobs available. They more or less stumble into a glamorous job at Tiffany’s, becoming the first women to work on the sales floor. Marjorie writes about all the exciting people she meets, her romances, her friendship with Marty, and even being on Times Square when the end of WWII was announced. For all that the book is fun and light, there is still the background of the second World War, and it’s interesting to read about it from the point of view of two college girls on the home front. It’s a god look at NYC during what many people think of as its Golden Age, and a great story of how much fun can be had with a friend thanks to landing the perfect summer job.
             Turtle Summer   by Mary Alice Monroe
Turtles! They’re cute, their green, they’re slow! They’re turtles! This kids’ book is all about those little baby turtles you see on TV, told through the point of view of a mom making a scrapbook for her daughter, with each section talking about how the big sea turtles lay their eggs, and how the baby turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean. Adorably so. It’s filled with pictures of shells and beaches and flowers and all kinds of fun summer stuff. Being around for a turtle hatching sounds like a great way to spend time at the beach, especially if you’re a little kid. Kids and adorable sea turtles. Add in pictures of birds and starfish and beaches, and you have a great little summer book. It ends at night, when the baby sea turtles hatch, and crawl out into the ocean, ready to make their way in the world. The mom imagines being there again with her daughter, years from now, when these same turtles are grown so that they can lay their eggs, so that mother and daughter can have another great, turtle filled summer together.
Ready for a summer road trip? Love some rock and roll? Then check into this e-book, as you travel through North America, to find great (and odd) landmarks of rock and roll history. Head out to California and see the actual Burger Stand that The Beach Boys were singing about in “Fun Fun Fun”, drive down to Georgia to see the first radio station to play music of the Godfather of Soul James Brown, then zip over to Texas to see visit the high school that inspired the classic 70s rock ode “Dazed and Confused”, then head up East to drive down Springsteen’s own Thunder Road. It’s not all about Madison Square Garden and big studios, it’s about the little places that have changed music history. It’s a perfect companion to a music lover’s road trip, plus a whole lot cheaper than Disney World.
It’s just a few days before summer break, and that means extra free time. And what better way to spend that free time than with books; they’re way cheaper than cable, especially if you get them from your library! Head out to the pool, and get reading about fun summer days. These are just a few examples of great books to read here, so let’s get reading as soon as possible. Celebrate the end of the year (and finals) by learning about summer jobs, turtles, and the general joys of summer time and summer reading!
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