Until we meet again…

Well, this is it. My last Rice Library blog. Since I graduated on Saturday May 4, it means that it’s time to hand over my blog to someone else. It’s been a great ride, doing blogs on everything from poems to money to kids’ books to roadside attractions. I hope that I have helped you to see what our entire library can offer you, and maybe pointed you in the direction of some new things. I know that I’ve learned a lot. I never knew that our archives had USI yearbooks dating from 1970 to the late 80s, I never knew that we had such a variety of fiction, and books about pop culture, and such a great collection of classic black and white movies. Maybe some of you found new things on your own, maybe you found the things that I did, I just hope that you at least looked around, because I promise, there are plenty of places to explore here! Thing have not changed all that much since I started writing the blog-  I still run on coffee, I still love tennis and cats on the internet and mint ice cream. But other things have changed. Looking back at my blogs, I can’t believe that I have already finished a semester here. It seems like just yesterday I was picking out which Facebook picture of myself to use in my first blog (in retrospect, maybe I would have picked one with a prettier background), and trying to figure out if I would actually have enough to say to fill up over a semester of library blogs.

Turns out, I still have way more to say, just not enough time to! There is so much to talk about here, but not enough blog space! But I’m not worried. Just because I’m graduating and moving on doesn’t mean that the blog is moving with me! Whoever my replacement is, I bet that they will do an even better job than I did (fewer spelling errors? Less obscure movie references?), and the blog shall go on! Still, I can’t lie and say that I won’t miss writing it. As excited as I am to be moving on, I have had some great times here in the library, and getting books somewhere else just won’t be the same. But, I am glad that I have had this opportunity, and I look forward to seeing what our next blogger comes up with! Maybe one day, I can come back and see you all again. So, for the last time, this is Clare Pratt, with your Library Blog, reminding you to keep on exploring, keep on learning, and keep on reading.   — CP


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