Want to Take a Trip to the Art Muesum? To the Opera?

I’m not asking you out on a date, but two of Rice Library’s latest databases sure seem like it.

Oxford Art Online

Oxford Art Online is basically a virtual art museum, you can browse through different works of art, learn more about artists and their inspirations. Through this database, users will have access to Grove Art Online, the Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, The Oxford Companion to Western Art, and the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms. Bear in mind that someone who knows next to nothing about art is assessing this database and even I found interesting and useful information.

kanoschoolMy favorite part of this database is that you can actually see the works of art. Instead of pouring through books for examples of an artist’s work or relying on a Google image search, you now have access to works of art that you can cite in your paper.

Another great feature about this database is that by clicking on an artist’s name, you’re shown their in-depth biography. Since art and the artist are woven so closely together, it’s nice that a database acknowledges your need to learn more about the author in order to fully understand the art. The database breaks up artwork by the year and location.

Grove Art also has handy dandy subject guides, where you can learn about all different types of art. These guides give a brief description of the art movement, list essays and key figures. Basically a way to learn all you can about that particular theme. – screen shot

There is something just relaxing about browsing through the art. It almost feels like you’re at an art museum.

Met Opera on Demandmet

The Metropolitan Opera was founded in 1883 and has featured the best opera singers in the world since its foundation.  Now through Rice Library you can experience some of these amazing performances.

I watched the 1997 production of La Boheme, which was the very first ‘Live from the Met’ telecast. The quality of the video is amazing and truly captures the breathtaking vocals in the show. You may not know, but the musical Rent is based on La Boheme, which is why I chose this opera to watch but this database gives you access to so many operas such as the 2011 performance of Anna Bolena, the 1997 performance of Carmen and many more. This database is a must for all opera fans.  One of the best aspects of the database is the ability to browse through the operas.

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