Austin Viano – New Social Media Marketing Assistant

Hello everyone,

                My name is Austin Viano, your new David L. Rice social media marketing assistant.  I am currently a senior here at USI, so yes I am about to graduate and it is very very sad. I am also on the cross country team and track team for USI. We are those guys that are running around campus in nothing but short shorts when it gets warm out in the spring. Here are a few facts about myself that you might enjoy:

  1. I am from Illinois, the real home of Lincoln
  2. Obviously my favorite president is Abraham Lincoln and he gave speeches in my little town a few times while he was running for Senate
  3. I love Seinfeld, not just because it is the best show ever made but because me and Jerry Seinfeld both believe Superman is the best Superhero, hands down
  4. My favorite ice cream is Moose Tracks and if you share that love we will most likely be best friends
  5. I am an Eagle Scout (Scouts Honor) and I was in the coolest Boy Scout Troop on the planet
  6. Sourdough pretzels are my favorite snack so if you want to leave a bag somewhere in the library for me to find I would really appreciate it
  7. I enjoy hiking very much and Mt. Kilimanjaro is next on my list
  8. I once lathered my hands in chap stick in hopes that it would substitute as lotion… didn’t work
  9. I am a great pancake maker. So good that they should have put me in the box of the “Perfect Pancake” product instead of the actual Perfect Pancake Maker
  10. I really enjoy reading when I have time. My favorite books are Lone Survivor, Harry Potter Series of course, any James Patterson novel imaginable, Water For Elephants, and Nothing to Lose Everything to Gain

My goal as the new social media marketing assistant here at Rice Library is to connect you with services offered here at Rice Library and make your experience here the best possible. Don’t be shy to ask me anything. If you have any suggestions for the library, problem, or comment let me know and I will help you to the best of my ability.

Be sure to follow us at @RiceLib on Twitter and like us on Facebook! Our Instagram name is @ricelibrary as well!

                Read On,

                                Austin Viano



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