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Meet Our Checkout Staff!

All of us students frequently use the services offered by the library. We will check out books, laptops, Ipads, markers, etc. all the time. But, do we really know who the checkout staff are? I asked the checkout staff to … Continue reading

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New Suggestion Box, Library Hours, and Flying Cars

Hello again, everyone!  This is Marna Hostetler, Director of the David L. Rice Library.  I’ll be dropping in every so often to post comments from our brand new suggestion box, located at the Checkout Desk here in Rice Library.  If … Continue reading

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Useful, Yet Entertaining, Books at Rice Libarary

                I am currently working towards earning my bachelor degree in business administration with minors in marketing and management. With this direction of education I am obviously interested in business, many forms of it … Continue reading

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Cultural Views of American Soldiers during World War II by Cody Benke

There isn’t much that people don’t know about World War II; its battles and carnage are well documented. The atomic bomb that came from this war had the biggest impact, as it would change post-war policies and how countries dealt … Continue reading

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                Traditionally, we students tend to think that the school library is simply for doing homework and conducting hours of research. This is true to an extent but we fail to realize the amount … Continue reading

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