Harry Potter, Mrs. Doubtfire, Ghostbusters and More!

                Traditionally, we students tend to think that the school library is simply for doing homework and conducting hours of research. This is true to an extent but we fail to realize the amount of entertainment a library can provide, as well. Rice Library has done a great job at providing said entertainment, much of which most students don’t know about!

                First and foremost, I better start with the books, since we are talking about a library. Freshmen come in every year and fail to realize the number of great books that we provide here at Rice Library. When I first got here, as a Freshman, I was one of the students who actually enjoyed reading for fun (crazy, right?), but once I got here I failed to continue reading for fun because I wasn’t proactive enough to find new books to read. Little did I know that great modern novels were right here at Rice Library! I suspect that this is the problem for many new students, as well. Lucky for you, Rice Library now has plenty of great novels to keep the casual reader busy throughout the school year.

                From Harry Potter to James Patterson novels, Rice Library has novels for any audience that you can imagine. Now, how do you find out if we have the novel you are looking for and, most importantly, how do you find it in the four story building that is holding thousands of books? Here are some steps that I hope will help you in your search for your next read:

  1. Think about what book you would like to enjoy next
  2. Go to the Rice Library website and click “Catalog” on the homepage
    1. Or go to this link: http://library.usi.edu/vwebv/searchAdvanced?sk=en_US
    2. Type in the book that you are looking for in the search box and click “search”
    3. Now, hopefully you have found a match!
    4. Next, look at the Call Number that is listed in the “Hold Information”
    5. Write the Call Number down
    6. If you are able to find the book using that number then you are one smart cookie
      1. However, if not then you are welcome to visit the reference desk in the library and they will help you find your book
      2. Or you are more than welcome to tweet @RiceLib and ask for help and I will, personally, come find your book for you
      3. Learn how to find a book using call numbers here:

After all of this, I hope that you have a great book to enjoy!

Now, I know that a lot of people are not big readers and that is perfectly fine. Believe it or not, Rice Library provide hours of entertainment for you! A lot of students don’t know about the wide variety of movies that Rice Library has available for students to check out for a week at a time. Now, these aren’t simply educational movies for professors to show in class or documentaries. There are classics in their collection, such as Along Came Polly, 8 Mile, Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Ghostbusters! Most of these movies are movies that we grew up watching and will always have a fond place in our hearts. Those few movies are just skimming the surface of the amount of great movies that Rice Library provides for us to enjoy!booksmovies

                You can find these movies on the first floor and turning left when you reach the reference desk and going straight back.

So, the next time you think about buying a new book off Amazon or going an renting a movie for the weekend for 5 bucks just save some money and come to Rice Library!

Read On,

Austin Viano

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