Useful, Yet Entertaining, Books at Rice Libarary

                I am currently working towards earning my bachelor degree in business administration with minors in marketing and management. With this direction of education I am obviously interested in business, many forms of it as a matter of fact. I grew up working for my dad at a small sporting good business so I have been brought up around sales, marketing, and management. Even though my classes are suffifient enough to teach me what I need to know in order to get my degree, I enjoy searching for other forms of education to expand my knowledge of business concepts.

                I have found in the past three years here at USI that Rice Library can provide me with just that. I love to read about stories involving how somebody got started in the business world or how somebody turned a garage based business into a multi-million dollar corporation. Rice library has multiple books featuring stories of how businessmen got started.

                Last year, I was searching for a new business book to read that I would both enjoy and get some knowledge out of. I had heard of a book called Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain from a professor so I decided to check to see if the library had it. Low and behold, Rice Library did have the exact book I was looking for and it was available, as well. Keep in mind, that this book was a book that had just been released not even a year prior to this.Image

                The book was about a young entrepreneur and how he had we from living in the projects of L.A. to multi-millionaire. While reading the book, he gave many important lessons that are applicable to both me personally and professionally. It was a great read that I learned a lot from. I, most likely, wouldn’t have read it too if Rice Library didn’t have it available.

                ImageThere are multiple other business books that Rice Library has at our disposable that students should try to take advantage of. Just to name a couple that would be great for business students to pick up, Hatching Twitter, the story of how Twitter got started and became a multi-billion dollar company, and Inside Apple, a book describing the secret business strategies of Apple. 

                ImageOf course, these types of entertaining yet educational reads are not limited to just business students. Whatever your major is, whether it be business, art, engineering, or philosophy, I guarantee you that you will be able to find an interesting book that will be beneficial to your career in the long run. Reading these types of books are what will drive a person’s interest in a subject and it will make you want to learn more. Making it habit of reading these books will be a huge asset to you once you are out of school, as well. Taking classes may not be required anymore but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep learning on our own. So take a few minutes of your spare time and look up a book that interests you and come pick it up at the library. You won’ regret it.


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Austin Viano

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