New Suggestion Box, Library Hours, and Flying Cars

Hello again, everyone!  This is Marna Hostetler, Director of the David L. Rice Library.  I’ll be dropping in every so often to post comments from our brand new suggestion box, located at the Checkout Desk here in Rice Library.  If you have ideas, observations, or suggestions for us, please let us know.  Responses will be posted here as comments are received.

Which brings me to our first crop of suggestions:

Received February 10, 2014

  1. Extend the library hours!!
  2. Open till 2…also flying cars

I’ll take the hours first.  In August 2013, the library expanded hours on Fridays and Saturdays.  Also, as a trial run, the library was open until 2:00 am for Fall 2013 final exams Monday, December 2 – Wednesday, December 18.  We will do the same for Spring 2014 final exams, remaining open until 2:00 am every day between Monday, April 21 – Wednesday, May 7. 

As for extending hours until 2:00 am during the regular semester, we are always looking at usage statistics and safety is our primary concern.  Our late-night head counts are currently too low to maintain safety.  I remain open to the idea of expanding our hours even more than we already have, but in order for me to feel good about making a case for that, I must see more late-night usage.

And finally, flying cars.  Flying cars?!  I’m going to have to work on that…

Thank you very much for your suggestions!  We appreciate your taking the time to provide feedback. 







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