Meet Our Checkout Staff!

All of us students frequently use the services offered by the library. We will check out books, laptops, Ipads, markers, etc. all the time. But, do we really know who the checkout staff are? I asked the checkout staff to provide a few interesting facts about themselves so we all can get to know them a little better! So here ya go!

Nancy Langley

1.  My husband and son are also on campus.  My husband Jason is an Assistant Professor in the Kinesiology Dept. and my son attends the Children’s Learning Center.

2.  I previously  have been a county archivist, worked in Acquisitions at West Virginia University Libraries, Assistant Branch Manager/Children’s Programmer at a public library and taught preschool.

3. None of my college education has to do with libraries.  My degrees were in Biology and Chemistry.

4.  I am expecting my second child in August.

5.  I have a turtle obsession.

Erica Conn

  1. I spent a year in Texas working for City Year, an AmeriCorps program, where I helped high school students in reading class and worked with middle school students in an after-school program.
  2. Before that, I worked in the Interlibrary Loan department here at USI’s library.
  3. In college, I spent 6 weeks in Ireland and Wales doing archaeology work.

Debbie Clark

  1. I have worked in the David L. Rice library for 36 years and have had the privilege to watch this university change and grow.
  2.  I’ve been married for 38 years, have 2 grown sons who are married to 2 wonderful women and have 3 grandchildren.  My husband is a minister here in Evansville and both my sons are involved in ministries in New Albany, Indiana and Champaign, Illinois, so church plays a major role in my life away from campus.
  3. I was raised in a small town in northern Illinois where I spent my early childhood living along the banks of the Mississippi river where I enjoyed boating, fishing, water skiing and ice skating in the winter.  I was the only girl with 3 brothers and the majority of my cousins were boys too so I was definitely a tom boy. 
  4. I can remember having a party line before dial telephone was the norm and have that old antique phone on the wall in my house.  I also watched black and white TV before color TV’s were invented and typed all my college papers on a type writer; thank goodness it was at least electric.
  5. My favorite place to vacation is the beach, but I love to snow ski too.  When I get some free time I like to relax and read a good book but my greatest enjoyment is to spend time with my family and especially my grandkids.

Janice Morgan

  1. I have worked in Rice Library for 15 years.  When I began working here, the library’s home was in the building that is now UC East.  How different it looked then.  Now my home away from home is in the office behind the Checkout Desk.
  2. Besides my duties at Checkout, I create displays for 4 of the 6 display cases in the building, work with Government Document Microfiche, and keep an eye on the DVD collection.  I love having the opportunity to be creative at work.  Every display I create seems less like work and more like play.
  3. Outside of the job you can usually find me at home with my husband.  I have one word to say to you and that is GARDENING.  We love to garden.  Fruits and vegetables?  Yep.  Flowers?  You betcha.  I am very interested in growing my own food and doing it chemically and genetically-modified free.  I’d rather be digging in the dirt than just about anywhere else.
  4. I also enjoy my creative tornado, AKA my craft room.  I like creating things.  I’ve taken over a spare bedroom and most of the basement and turned it into a place that’s half, “Martha Stewart would be proud this”, half, “Do I really need another stack of springs from old chairs I’ve picked up from the side of the road?” worthy.  It is a creative world we live in and I am trying to use every color in the crayon box to appreciate it.


I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our checkout staff! Now, if you see any of them walking around don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. I’m sure Janice would love to talk gardening with you and Nancy would love to meet a fellow turtle lover!


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