A New Crop of Suggestions!!

Hello again, everyone! It’s your Library Director, Marna Hostetler, here with another batch of suggestions from our Suggestion Box. Thank you very much for your feedback! Let’s get started:

1.  “More non-European cartography.”

For this one, I enlisted the help of our Associate Director and Collection Development Librarian, Martha Niemeier. We agree – cartography is such an interesting topic! So very broad and including so many resources – maps, globes, atlases, web sites, GIS, as well as books about maps and map-making.  It covers each continent and world region as well as each country and parts of each country.  Time periods range from the modern to the ancient.  There are the specialties such as terrain, roads, population, tourism, economics, floods, crops, weather, space, oceans, and so on.

We have maps of areas and time periods in the Reference Collection to support course work, and we have a number of resources on all areas of the world in the other areas of the library.  We always welcome suggestions from faculty and students for additional items that support courses.

If you need journal articles, the following databases are good resources for geography research:

These two journals are good for articles on cartography:

  • Cartographic Journal

The library owns 06/01/2003 – 1 year ago in Academic Search Premier

  • Cartographica

The library owns 12/01/1999 – present in Lexis-Nexis Academic


Web sites that provide cartographic information include:

Harvard College Library Map Collection

Google Maps https://www.google.com/maps

The World Factbook:  Online access via Credo ReferenceOnline access via PURL


Subjects to search in the catalog include, among others:

  • Cartography
  • Geography
  • Physical geography
  • Topography


To find items in the stacks, these classifications may prove useful, although additional resources are located in other areas:

GA1-1776 Mathematical geography. Cartography

GA51-87 Surveys (General)

GA101-1776 Cartography

GA109 Aerial cartography

GA109.5 Cadastral mapping

GA109.8 Statistical mapping

GA110-115 Projection

GA125-155 Map drawing, modeling, printing, reading, etc.

GA192-197.3 Collections of maps, globes, etc. Map libraries

GA197.5-198 Cartographers

GA260-288 Globe making. Globes

GA300-325 World maps, general atlases, etc.

GA341-1776 Maps. By region or country


Here is a sampling of some of the titles Rice Library owns:

In the Reference area:

In the stacks:


Thank you for the opportunity to talk about this all-encompassing subject.  Get it?!  All-enCOMPASSing?!!  And big thanks to Martha Niemeier for her excellent assistance on this response!!


  1. More study rooms

I agree that more study rooms would be a fantastic addition to our beautiful library building. Let me work on this!

  1. Video cameras that you can rent!

I checked into this and did not find a resource on campus that fits this need, and I’m not sure the library is the best place. I will attempt to identify the appropriate on-campus entity for this idea and will take the idea there. In the meantime, you could use the video feature on one of our iPads.

  1. Coat hooks for the desks, with the walls on them, for people to hang coats and hats

Excellent suggestion! I will add this to my list of purchase ideas.

  1. Better toilet paper

Toilet paper for the entire campus is bought in bulk by Custodial Services, not the library. Sorry…

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