New Databases Added To Rice Library

As most of you know, Rice Library is a great source of information when it comes to conducting hours of research for papers. Gone is the time where we search through piles of books for relevant information though. Nowadays, we can conduct research using hundreds of online databases composed of published journals, studies, and papers.

Students know the basics when it comes to online databases and finding relevant information. However, many students are used to just using one or two databases to find information. Rice Library has been adding more and more databases for students to use. These new databases are more subject-based and cater to specific students, making it easier for them to find the information they are looking for. Here are a few of the new databases that Rice Library has added in recent months:

1. Eighteenth Century Collections Online

a. This database is full of useful information from the subjects of history to law. This database has over 200,000 volumes of books, pamphlets, essays, and more. Much of the works that are collected in this database was published in the UK in the 18th century.

b. This database is particularly strong in ancient history, including many editions of Edward Gibbon’s masterpiece, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
c. Also, this database provides ample information about the history of many European countries, such as Scotland, Wales, states of Europe, and Russia, as well.
d. When it comes to sciences, the Eighteenth Century Collections Online provides information about some of the most important discoveries. The science of crop rotation spreading throughout Europe and the stories behind hundreds of inventions, such as agriculture tools, is popular in this database.

2. The Met Opera on Demand

a. The Metropolitan Opera is the home for talented artists, singers, conductors, stage directors, and more.
b. This database gives users access to hundreds of live performances by artists. These artists perform in New York City, and their performances are uploaded to this database.

c. Every year the Met stages more than 200 performances and uploads them onto this database for users to access! You can watch the performances or listen to them via SIRIUS XM Radio.

d. This database is a great source of entertainment and information for liberal arts students.

3. Filmmakers Library Online

a. Attention Liberal Arts Students! This is for you! This database contains hundreds of documentaries of a wide range of subjects. From arts and literature to globalization and multiculturalism, the variety of subjects is very broad. This database is more of a viewing gallery than a reading gallery. Students can access these informational documentaries anytime and find the information they are looking for.

b. Internationally known filmmakers, like Christine Choy, Roger Weisberg, Josh Aronson, David Bradbury, are represented in Filmmakers Library Online.
c. Users can even make their own videos with the video-making tools that this database provides. Users are able to collaborate multiple clips from several documentaries together into one video. This can be very helpful for students who are working on presentations for classes.

As you can see, Rice Library has been adding some very exciting databases for all areas of study. Utilize these databases as much as you can! They contain up-to-date information that some books are unable to give you. Our reference team on the first floor is available many hours of the day to help you find the right database for your paper, as well. Here is a link to the Reference Desk hours:

I hope that these new databases will help you as finals approach in these final weeks!

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Austin Viano

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