A Game of Books…What Should you Read Next?

A Game of Thrones. You’ve all probably heard of the HBO television show by now, but did you know that it’s a book series, too? You no longer have to wait between seasons to know what’s going to happen to the Starks or the Lannisters. Pick up the books for some great summer reading and go off on an adventure!

Have you already finished all of Song of Ice and Fire? Good for you! That’s certainly a lot of reading! Don’t fret, we have plenty of other similar books to keep you busy for the rest of the summer!

Queen Elizabeth I is a beloved ruler of England, who led the country’s golden age! But have you heard of her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots? Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens will tell the story of their tumultuous relationship, and maybe even show you a side of Queen Elizabeth that you haven’t seen before. It may even show that real life is more like A Game of Thrones than you realize.

The Once and Future King is an Arthurian fantasy novel. This epic tale follows King Arthur and Camelot, Merlin,  Guinevere. It features wizardry and war. Maybe you’ve even seen the Disney movie The Sword in the Stone? Get deeper into the story with this book. It has all the makings of an epic novel!


What do you think is a good follow-up to A Song of Ice and Fire?