White Wall

Before I begin my weekly blog post, I thought it necessary to first introduce myself.

  • I am the new social media intern for the Rice Library, this means that along with this device, I will be posting on the library’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and hopefully Pintrest.
  • I am twenty-one, a junior, and probably just as lost as you. 

The following are things that I either like, dislike, or am indifferent about, you can decide!

  • Pasta
  • My miniature dachshund, Oliver.
  • Murder
  • Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • The Harry Potter Series (Currently re-reading)
  • American Horror Story (Freakshow begins October 8th in case you would like to watch)
  •  Global Warming
  • Getting punched in the face
  • Recycling
  •  Asian Cuisine
  • Avicii
  • Writing (Creative Writing Major)
  • Family
  • Netflix
  • Paper cuts
  • The Library
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Dessert
  • Modern Family
  • Sun
  • Marketing (My minor)
  • Cross Country (Competed for 8 years)
  • scissors
  • The Middle
  • Indiana weather January-late March
  • Vampire Weekend
  • Friends (I have 5)
  • Anxiety
  • Social Media

That is pretty much ME.

I look forward to this experience, and seeing as this is my first time with a Blog, expect the unexpected. 

P.S. It’s Monday

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