What was once an irritating suspicion is now a raging wind that propels the hand of death forward, latching onto the Screagle with a firm, relentless grip. I am talking about finals! Yes, the season we all dread, but simultaneously adore for its reward, approaches with a vengeance. The library is here to help you prepare (you know this), but we are also here to help soften the inevitable blow that comes around mid-finals week once the reality of the situation really sets in.

Below is advice from library staff and fellow Screagles, compiled for your benefit. Let the instruction seep into your soul, re-figure your brain, and command your spirit, so when the time comes for dread to knock on sanity’s door, you will not be perturbed.

You got this Finals Season, Screagles!!

Ashley Blinstrub

-“Take frequent ‘clear your head’ breaks.”

-“If you have to listen to music, choose classical music!”

Joanne Artz

– “Study hard, but in the hours leading up to the test, relax your brain with a movie or music!”

 Phil Orr

– “Remember this too shall pass.”

Alyssa Smith

-“Calm the crap down.”

Jack Wallace

-“Ask Professor McGonagall for a Time Turner.”

Katie Loehrlein

-“Allow yourself to take breaks.”

Kyla McRoberts

-‘Start studying early so finals aren’t the worst week of your life. For memory, I make up weird songs, rhymes, or acronyms to help me.”

Marna Hostetler

– “My advice – both for finals and for those times when life seems too much – is:  One day at a time.”

Peter Whiting

-“Make sure you get adequate sleep, eat well, get exercise and enjoy short breaks with friends!”

~Advice for after graduation~

-“Life is a banquet, so take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way!”

Emily Hansen

-“Just getting a FULL night’s sleep works wonders. I know everyone thinks that you need to stay up all night to study for finals to get a good grade, but I’ve realized in my three years here that if I studied wisely and got a decent night’s sleep, I always come out with a better grade than I did cramming last minute and staying up all night on coffee binges.”

Tanner Maurer

-“Study in groups, you know that you forgot something throughout the year.”

Jennifer Greene

– “Eat fruits and vegetable for instant energy and strength.”

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