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*Post written by James Wethington, library assistant of the University Archives and Special Collections.

With recent developments of the Internet and 24-hour news cycles, access to information has dramatic increased! Prior to those developments, newspapers were the only real news outlets for the people to get their information, besides one another. The three major newspapers in Evansville were the Evansville Courier (1875-1991), Evansville Press (1920-1991), and Evansville Journal (1871-1936); however, the Courier and Press merged together and became the Evansville Courier and Press.

Evansville Argus: 1938

Evansville did have an African-American newspaper, the Evansville Argus. It was published from June 25, 1938 to October 22, 1943. It was founded by J. Wendell Holder and he formed the Evansville Argus Publishing Company.  Courtesy of the David L. Rice Library University Archives and Special Collections, the Evansville Argus newspapers are available online, 24/7.

Evansville Argus: 1943