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You Asked, We Listened! Extended Library Hours & Finals Events

It’s almost that time again…that time between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break. That time that shall not be named! We’ve been hearing a lot about how students need more study hours at the library. Our director even wrote a blog … Continue reading

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Fighting Finals with Films 2: The Big Chill

Feeling the end of year stress yet? Papers to write, books to read, projects that you knew about for months but are just now getting starting on?  It’s a busy time of year, tough on everyone, and it can feel like there’s … Continue reading

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Temporarily turn off your left brain and turn on your right

   Looking for a way to unwind a little before finals? Tired of my constant blog posts that are turning quickly into a metaphor about my increasingly stressful schedule?  Well, the library can help! Again! Starting today, Thursday, the library … Continue reading

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Music for your Mind

So, music. It can range from soothing lotion for your senses, or a truly horrifying rash your doctor can’t explain. Around this time of year, we could all use some of that nice music for the soundtrack of Finals Week. … Continue reading

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Fight Finals with Film!

Ah, finals season. Projects due, papers to be written, endless study guides to memorize. And to make matters worse, there’s already holiday shopping to do and it’s dark at 4:30 in the afternoon! Yes, it’s a gloomy, depressing time of … Continue reading

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