Student Assistant Highlight: Shelby Gilliam

*Post written by Shelby Gillam, student assistant of the University Archives and Special Collections.


Shelby taking a selfie of a 1920’s purse during UASC’s National Archives Month promotion:

After working in the library archives for one year, I’ve discovered that there are many ways that I benefit as a student worker (aside from the paycheck!) Firstly, the flexibility of the schedule allows for me to earn money without my grades suffering. Even the title “student worker” puts the “student” first. The library archivists always put my needs as a student first and allow for flexibility if my workload from class causes a need for it. Also, I experience an increased awareness of student events. The library always stays up-to-date on campus activities, and since I am here often for work, I have the opportunity to hear about the events. Finally, since I specifically work in the archives, I benefit from the many historical resources that I have access to on a weekly basis. Many students are not aware that the archives exist as a resource to students, and the archivists are full of helpful information. I am able to benefit from the archives as a reference for many of my projects, and I hope that other students will realize the value of the archives’ resources as well!


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