Spotlight: Avant Garde Magazines

*Post written by James Wethington, library assistant of the University Archives and Special Collections.

During their tenure from January 1968 to July 1971, Avant Garde went against the grain of American society (“A Complete Digitization,” 2016). Its’ creative imagery criticized various parts of American society and United States government with an edgy twist. Avant Garde incorporated erotic content, such as John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s erotic lithographs and a semi-nude spread of Marilyn Monroe (“A Complete Digitization,” 2016). Avant Garde was published in New York City and there were only fourteen issues published (“Avant-Garde (magazine),” n.d.). The University Archives possesses four of the fourteen magazine issues published and can be viewed by the public.


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A complete digitization of the 1960s magazine Avant Garde: From John Lennon’s erotic lithographs to Marilyn Monroe’s last photos. (2016, June 6). Retrieved January 5, 2017, from

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