Evansville’s Connection to Clara Barton


The American National Red Cross For the relief of suffering by war, pestilence, famine, flood, fires, and other calamities of sufficient magnitude to be deemed national in extent. The Association and its Auxiliary Societies operate under the provisions of the Geneva treaty, promulgated at Geneva, Switzerland, in 1864, and signed since then by all the nations of the earth, including the United States, which gave in its adhesion through President Arthur, in March 1882. President of U.S. President of the Board of Consultation. Executive Officers Clara Burton, President Walter P. Phillips, General Secretary George Kennan, Treasurer Trustees Secretary of the Treasury Secretary of War Judge William Lawrence, Vice-President A.S. Solomons, Vice-President J.B. Hubbell, General Field Agent Beginning of the Letter Bedford, Indiana. April 6, 1890 Honorable N. M. Goodlett, Mayor of Evansville, Indiana, It gives me great pleasure to learn through tour communication of the 4th that your city, always among the foremost in good works, when help is needed, has again come to the front for the relief of its smaller neighbors, so suddenly and widely stricken down. In response to your thoughtful inquiries concerning such information as the representatives of the Red Cross were able to gather in their tour of inspection, I am most happy to transmit their statements to you. Through a volunteer committee of Henderson, they learned that in the district near Blackford, which they had visited, there were eight families desolated by the tornado and in urgent need of help. West Louisville was reported to have been severely damaged, many buildings, having been destroyed and some lives lost. This information was gained by actual residents who had come to make the situation

Part 1 of Correspondence from Clara Barton to Evansville Mayor, N. M. Goodlet (1890)

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