Have you heard about “ArchivesFest”?

*Post written by James Wethington, library assistant of the University Archives and Special Collections.

*PowerPoint created by Maggie Scully, student assistant of the University Archives and Special Collections.

ArchivesFest @ USI. October 16, 2017: Photography. October 17, 2017: Exploring Community. October 18, 2017: Historical Books, October 19, 2017: Historical Documents. October 20, 2017: Historical Artifacts. October 16-20, 2017. Sponsored by the David L. Rice Library's University Archives and Special Collections.

ArchivesFest event calendar, 2017.

October is National Archives Month and in celebration, the University Archives and Special Collections is hosting a weeklong celebration, ArchivesFest. ArchivesFest starts October 16 through October 20 and will highlight materials from the Lawrence Library. There will be various festivities such as a photograph collage, creating book cover gift-bags, playing Mario Kart 64, and many more throughout the week! Enter to win daily door prizes and everyone is eligibility to enter for the grand prize, a $25 gift card to the Campus Store. To enter, you must complete your “passport” and it must have five stamps from each day. Use the hashtag, #ArchivesFest, to post your photos and videos throughout the week. This event is free and open to the public.

Check the David L. Rice Library Facebook and Twitter pages or continue to check for update through amUSIngArtifacts for more information. Below, there is a daily schedule of events. If you have questions or comments about ArchivesFest, email archives.rice@usi.edu. We look forward to seeing you there!

  1. October 16th, 2017: Photography
  2. October 17th, 2017: Exploring Community
    1. What does community mean to you?
  3. October 18th, 2017: Historical Books
    1. Learn how to make a book dust jacket gift bag.
  4. October 19th, 2017: Historical Documents
    1. Learn how to make bookmarks and book pocket invitations.
  5. October 20th, 2017: Historical Artifacts
    1. Play some Mario Kart 64 on the Nintendo 64.
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