#ThrowbackThursday: An Archives Halloween

*Post written by James Wethington, library assistant of the University Archives and Special Collections.

The University Archives and Special Collections has dressed up for Halloween the past few years and used different literary works ranging from children’s literature to gothic literature. Halloween has an interesting history.

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Today, Halloween is associated with evil spirits, as a movie franchise, and many more. Originally Samhain, it celebrated as the Celtic New Year; moreover, Trevarthen (2010) states, “Samhain/Halloween is the ultimate ‘best of times/worst of times’ festival” (p. 6). This festival serves numerous spiritual purposes and served as a “… comforting time” before the modern incarnation (Trevarthen, p. 6-7).

Trevarthen (2010) stated it best: “Whatever we believe about life and death, Samhain teaches us to face both with courage, imagination and a sense of humor” (p. 7).


Trevarthen, G. A. (2010). The Celtic Origins of Halloween Transcend Fear. Phi Kappa Phi Forum, 90(3), 6-7.

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