Archives Madness: Final 4 Polls

*Special announcement: Final 4 voting polls are reopened.

The Final 4 Polls are now closed.

Welcome to the Final 4! The competition started with sixteen artifacts and it is now down to region champions. If you need to see the artifact descriptions, please visit the blog post, “Archives Madness 2021: Meet the Competitors“.

Again, UASC would like to think all the voters in the Elite 8. This year’s Elite 8 round broke last year’s Elite 8 record (the previous record from last year was 1,054 votes). There were 1,252 votes cast last week! Let’s keep those votes rolling in as the Final 4 begins today!

The Final 4 polls closes on Sunday, March 28, 2021, at 11:59 PM CST.

Results from the Elite 8

Mackey Arena Region

  • 1873 Steinway Piano defeated “Primavera” Female Bust, 224-88.

Hinkle Fieldhouse Region

  • English Teapot defeated 1902 Steam Fire Pumper, 191-123.

Assembly Hall Region

  • German Heller Coin (Black Death) defeated Vulcan Statue, 198-115.

Lucas Oil Stadium Region

  • Silk Tapestry defeated Red Light District Complaint Letter, 177-136.
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