“Meet Ya” Guide to Arch Madness 2017 for the Elite 8

*Post written by James Wethington, library assistant of the University Archives and Special Collections.

*Item descriptions written by Deanna Engler, library associate of University Archives and Special Collections.

As a reminder, starting Monday, March 13th to Sunday, March 19th, voting begins for our Elite 8 competition! Let’s meet our competition for the Elite 8:



1963 “The Ultimate Frontier” Stelle Painting

The 1963 “Ultimate Frontier” painting is part of the Stelle Community Collection. This collection contains material about the Stelle communal group.   Stelle community began in 1963 in California and later moved to northern Illinois. This painting is a visual representation of founder Richard Kieninger’s work The Ultimate Frontier.







1974 “Hey Beatnik!” Publication

The 1974 “Hey Beatnik!” is part of The Farm Collection. This collection contains material about The Farm communal group. The Farm was established in 1971 in Tennessee. This is one of the earliest published books from The Farm, and discusses life on The Farm and founder Stephen Gaskin’s philosophy.






1950’s Servel Travelling Salesman Suitcase

The 1950’s Servel traveling salesman suitcase is part of the J. Henry Ballman Collection.  This collection contains material about Servel and Arkla, local companies that produced heating and cooling systems.  The suitcase visually demonstrated the new heating and cooling technologies available for businesses.





Dr. Charles Rochelle 33rd Degree Masonic Hat

The Dr. Charles Rochelle 33rd degree Masonic hat is part of the Dr. Charles Rochelle Collection.  This collection contains materials about Dr. Rochelle and his lifetime as an educator.  Dr. Rochelle was one of the first African-Americans to receive a doctorate in education from UC Berkeley in 1942.  Dr. Rochelle’s Masonic hat is just one of the many accomplishments that he achieved throughout his lifetime.





1603 Works of Paracelsus

The 1603 Collected Works of Paracelsus is one of the rare books in our Special Collections.  Published in 1603, this two-volume set contains the books and writings on alchemy, magic, and occult philosophies of Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheimc, better known as Paracelsus.




1912 Titanic Newspaper

The 1912 Titanic disaster newspaper is part of the Miscellaneous Memorabilia Collection.  This collection contains material from various unknown sources and covers a wide range of topics, both locally and nationally.  This edition of the Chicago Saturday Blaze newspaper came out just two weeks after the disaster, and is an example of journalism of the early twentieth century.








ISUE Megaphone

The ISUE megaphone is part of the University Memorabilia Collection.  This collection contains material documenting the growth of ISUE/USI from 1965 to today.  The megaphone was used during athletic events and even sports the signature of famed UCLA coach John Wooden.










1966 ISUE “The Roach” Newspaper

The 1966 ISUE “Roach” student newspaper is part of the Student Publications Collection.  This collection contains material produced by students at ISUE/USI.  The “Roach” was an unsanctioned student newspaper from the Centennial School, ISUE’s first home.  Depending on whom you ask the name has various meanings, however its “official” one is a dig at the critters scurrying around.

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